Five items I use daily with my one year old

  1. Ubuntu Baba Stage 2 Carrier: If you read my post on our top 3 items for your newborn you would already know that I am a BIG fan of Ubuntu Baba carriers. I didn’t initially think that we would need a carrier once Bug started walking but I’ve come to realise that we actually need it even more now! These carriers are incredible, they are so breathable (made of hemp) and are more comfortable than any other local or international brand that we’ve tested. Bug loves to be carried around and so this is the perfect solution for us both – she’s close to me (and sneaks in kisses – heart melt) and my arms don’t take a beating. She’s around 10kg now and I can easily wear her for over an hour without being “aware” that I am carrying her weight. I also love that it can be used in the front or back carry position and has a hood that comes out of the front pocket if your little one falls asleep. It’s also the only way to get Bug to sleep if we are out and about.
  2. Digiridoodle Diaper Bag: I have quickly learnt that having a toddler means that you need to be able to move quickly and be hands-free. Bug loves exploring her environment and I want to foster this by being available to her and exploring with her. I found that we reached a point where our over the shoulder diaper bag just wasn’t keeping up with us anymore and so we decided to give a backpack diaper bag a try. From the first time I used it I loved the Digiridoodle diaper bag. It is super lightweight, made from easy to clean canvas and comes in a variety of colours. As someone who thrives on organisation it suits me perfectly as it has lots of different compartments which ensure that everything in it is easy to get to (think key chain for your car keys, insulated bottle pocket and hidden zip to reach items at the bottom of your bag). It has gone with us on mall shopping trips, beach adventures and farm outings – all of Bug’s items easily carried on my back. Bug loves her bag and I think it will probably go to preschool with her when she starts.
  3. Trendling’s Grippy Plate: Toddlers like to throw and we have experienced all to many a meal where Bug has thrown her plate of food across the room showering us in spaghetti. We decided to do baby-led weaning with Bug and so we want to give her the freedom to eat independently. We needed a plate that would be Bug-proof and so the search began. I went through three stick on silicone mats before we finally found the Trendling’s grippy plate. This plate is GOLD. It is the only plate which is truly toddler proof. Bug has tried time and time again to lift this plate but to no avail. It’s made from 100% food grade silicone and so is microwave, oven and freezer safe which is a great plus for me. Going forward this is the only brand that we will be using.
  4. Joie Spin 360 Carseat: When Bug outgrew her Doona we needed a bigger carseat for her and so the search began for something that was: known for safety, convertible so that it would last for a few years, and able to be rearward facing for as long as possible (I’m not going to get into it here but there are lots of articles available as to why your little one should be rearward facing for as long as possible). I know how important it is for your one year old to face rearwards but at the same time we were dealing with another issue when Bug was in the car alone with me. She would scream the entire time until she was blue in the face and choking on her own spit. It was heartbreaking for me as a mom – we had to drive to places and yet every single time I had to pull over to try to soothe her (no luck). I ended up dreading having to take her anywhere alone (she was fine if I could sit with her and someone else was driving). So ultimately we decided we needed an option where Bug could be forward facing when alone with me and rearward facing the rest of the time. The Joie Spin 360 is ideal for this. The carseat is installed with isofix and then can spin to face you when you put them in the car (no hitting heads, leaning in or back pain), and then spin to face either way around. After a few weeks of using the seat Bug settled enough that she can now be rearward facing all of the time and no longer sees car rides as a torture. She sits happily in her chair and watches the cars through the window.                                              photo-2018-05-02-11-50-33.jpg
  5. My Tiny Teepee Tent: I am home decor obsessed so my first thought on getting a teepee was that it would look super cute in Bug’s nursery. Little did I know just how much use this one piece of equipment would get in our home. We try to give Bug play items that stimulate her imagination and require her to think differently about how to use them. We got her My Tiny Teepee when she was about eight months old and she has used it almost daily since then. From lying in it and reading, to playing hide and seek with dad, taking it on beach adventures and playing with friends, Bug loves her teepee. She plays in it much more than she plays with traditional toys which I am so happy about. Her face literally lights up when she sees it and I know it’s something that she will continue to use for years to come.


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  1. jaxknox1980 says:

    Such a great blog….totally going to get the nappybag and the baby carrier.. we are getting a joie travel system so glad to see you recommend the 360 car seat..going to do a bit more research on it….. can’t wait to see what else you and Bug have to share


    1. Thanks lovely, glad it has helped! Ps. Ubuntu currently have a 10% off sale on their carriers so it’s a great time to buy one x


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