#DIY: Teepee Sandpit



We decided that we wanted to get Bug something for her birthday that would keep her busy over the next few years. I had been looking at sandpits for a while but didn’t love any until I came across a picture of a wooden outdoor teepee. Being in Cape Town right now with this crazy drought has lead to our garden looking very sad and so I thought it would be the perfect addition to our flower bed as Bug’s Sandpit.

As per usual, I found the idea and then my poor hubby got nagged and nagged until he made it. Honestly this was the sweetest thing to see. He spent hours working on it until he had the perfect little sandpit for his baby girl.

Here are my instructions and his pics of the process:

  1. Measure out an area on the floor the size of the base and mark it out (we used masking tape)
  2. Using four poles, place them with the feet on each corners and secure the poles together at the top (ours has moved a bit in the picture but you get the idea)IMG-2012
  3. Measure, cut and drill on the planks (we used pine boards)   IMG-2181
  4. Varnish              IMG-2198
  5. Dig a hole underneath it, line it and add sandIMG-2335




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