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Ok mommies – this is a brand that I literally recommend to EVERY mom. Pouch love (you can find them here) produce two amazing products that have made my life that much easier, greener and just plain fun.

Product 1: Reusable pouches

These pouches come in two different colour options and in a pack of five. They are ideal for smoothies, purees or yogurt and provide you with a (relatively) mess free and healthy snack for your little one when you are on the go. I love that you can prep a whole batch of smoothies and then freeze them. I simply take one pouch out each morning for Bug.

The only downside to pouches in general are their potential to explode if your little one squeezes them. This has been a learning curve for us as we do baby-led weaning with Bug and so don’t like to feed her items that she isn’t in control of BUT I have just spotted another item available on Pouch Love – ChooMe Sip’n, that I think would eliminate this problem. This lid fits on the pouch and controls the flow – DEFINITELY going to be purchasing these soon.

Our favourite smoothie recipe: Banana Pumpkin Pie

1 x banana

1 x cup of roasted/ steamed pumpkin

1 x teaspoon cinnamon

Add all of the ingredients to your blender (we use and love our NutriBullet). Pop into the pouches and refrigerate or freeze.

Product 2: Pouch Pops

These silicone pops are such fun. Blend up some fresh juice, put it in the pop, freeze and you have a super healthy ice-cream alternative. We’ve just started using them with Bug (she’s ten months old) and they work great for hot days (when she’s too hot too eat), for teething (cold silicone = win) and just for a fun snack.

Our favourite pop recipe: Watermelon Mint

1,5 x cups watermelon
2 x granny smith apples (peeled and cored)
1/2 cup plain yogurt
Mint to taste

Blend all of the ingredients and put into the pops. Freeze and enjoy.

You can purchase both products directly from the Pouch Love website, from most Kid’s Emporiums or from my favourite green online store – Faithful to Nature.


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