Mini DIY: Our Christmas T(r)eepee

We LOVE Christmas and everything that it brings with it: time with family making precious memories, eating way too much food, and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus. It’s Bug’s first Christmas this year and we obviously want to make it super special. I’m all for real Christmas trees, the smell of pine needles and their imperfect structure. My hubby is the complete opposite – fake tree, perfectly balanced and no smell, so we found ourselves butting heads when it came to getting Bug’s first tree. That is, until we realized that neither would really work for a ten month old.

We needed a tree that was baby-safe, non-edible and most of all completely magical.


Introducing the T(r)eepee.

What you need:  four poles (we used the poles from our My Tiny Teepee) and lights to decorate. It’s actually easier than setting up a real tree!

STEP 1: Tie the poles together at the top (we used elastic gut)

STEP 2: Get your decorations (we used these gorgeous star lights from Woolworths)


STEP 3: Decorate




STEP 4: Let your little one loose to enjoy it





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