#Motherhood 101: Find Your Tribe


Becoming a mom can feel a bit like trying to gain access into a private club that you know absolutely nothing about.

It’s intimidating watching “seasoned” mommies take on everyday tasks with ease while as a new mom I sometimes felt like I was playing at being mom while waiting for the poo to hit the fan.

In the early days it’s so easy to want to stay home and seclude yourself from everyone and everything (no judgement if that’s you, those first few months are tough), but I quickly learnt that my little Bug thrives on being out and about and so this mamma had to get out of her comfort zone big time.


I am a total introvert, naturally shy, type A personality and as such making new friends is not something that comes naturally to me at all. I did however realise that one of the things both Bug and I needed most was people to do life with who were in the same season of life as us.

And so, I put on my big girl panties and decided to start a mom’s group.

I had two friends with little ones close to Bug’s age so that’s where I started. From there I literally asked every mom that I met with a little one to join our group and every single mom I asked said YES. It has been the best thing for us both. We hang out with these mommies, have tea and share experiences. These mommies have kept me sane and shared in so much of my excitement over the past year. In the beginning I had so much anxiety every week (Will anyone come? Will Bug be happy? Have I got enough tea?) Over thinker of note! But I’m so glad that I pushed through.

The biggest thing I learnt from this is that every mom is looking for the same thing – real honest friends to laugh and cry with as we take on our new roles as moms. My point, to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with a new mommy friend. Trust me, they need it as much as you do!


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