#Review – “Follow me Fred” by Tiny Love Toys


We try to be intentional about what toys we allow Bug to play with. I want toys that promote development, encourage her to be creative, and that she can play with independently. She is in a stage where she is on the verge of crawling but is not quite there yet so she can taste independence but isn’t always able to get to what she wants to play with.

Introducing “Follow me Fred”. From the second that I opened up the box with Fred in Bug’s little face lit up and she promptly dropped a very sloppy kiss on Fred’s nose.

Follow me Fred is a crawling companion. What that means is that he barks and sniffs, plays music, and walks along. He can go straight or in circles depending on how you adjust his body and only goes short distances before stopping. When your little one catches up to him and touches him, Fred continues to walk thus encouraging them to follow along.

I love how much thought has gone into his design. Tiny Love have a policy to design toys using the “7 developmental wonders”. These include EQ, cognition, fine motor skills, senses, language and communication, gross motor skills, and imagination and creativity. I LOVE this! You can read more about it here.


Bug is obsessed with crinkling Fred’s super soft ears (they crackle from the material inside them when she grabs them) and shaking his tail. She listens so intently to his barking and follows along with glee. One of the best features has to be the fact that she doesn’t depend on me to get him moving – it’s all her! She has also learnt that if she tips him onto his side that he won’t move away anymore and she can give him cuddles.


Another plus – Fred makes tummy time and crawling practise so easy. Bug spent 20 minutes following him around the other day without even realising it. As moms I know we can go a bit crazy trying to get out little ones happily playing on their tummies and on their own so I will take all the help I can get.

I would definitely recommend “Follow me Fred” as a worthwhile purchase and can see us playing with him daily for months to come.


Bug’s review:

  • Skill building: 5/5

  • Originality: 4/5

  • Value for money: 4/5

  • Cute factor: 5/5


Tiny Love South Africa




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