Bug’s (New) Nursery

When I was pregnant with Bug we had to decide which of our two spare bedrooms to use as her nursery. I decided to use the smaller one, after all, why give this small little person the bigger room when we needed the space right? WRONG!! Before we knew it her stuff was in every room in the house and driving me crazy, so we decided to give her the bigger room. I love home decor and so I was super excited to refresh her nursery when we changed rooms. We obviously kept all of her furniture the same but added a few new pieces.

We decided to leave the walls in the room navy blue and white and to add yellow to give it a pop of colour.

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I love this shelf from Simply Child, it’s so different and can be used for anything from books to toys, or even shoes.

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We put Bug’s cot right near the door so that we can peek in and see her at any time (do you ever stop checking on them 100 times per nap??)

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I love having hooks on the wall so that things that we use often are in easy reach (such as Bug’s baby bag, hats, headbands, dummy clips, etc).


Our rocking chair

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Then my FAVOURITE part of Bug’s new room – her yellow My Tiny Teepee. We needed somewhere that Bug could relax, play, escape and just be little. Our My Tiny Teepee is perfect. She loves it and is so content to lie there and play, or do her worm wriggle around it, chew on the tie-backs and read books with daddy in it. I love that it will remain something that she can use as she grows up and also that it is super well made and easy to pop in the car and take with you on outings to the park or the beach.

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Links to retailers:

Cot and change table: Clever Little Monkey

Hooks: Simply Child

Leather strap shelf: Simply Child

Teepee: My Tiny Teepee

Rocking chair: Hospice find – you can see how we restored it by clicking here

Banners and cot sheet: Zana Products


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