Our Birth Story

I love how each and every birth story is unique, I could never have predicted the events that led up to the birth of our little Bug but I am so grateful for how it all worked out.


Two days before Bug was born I got a text from my husband who was at work simply saying that he wasn’t feeling well. I asked if I needed to fetch him and the reply that I got was a jumble of letters. I phoned him and he managed to somehow tell me that he couldn’t speak or write and he had a massive headache. After phoning our doctor I rushed to fetch him and after an afternoon of tests and medication the hospital decided to keep him overnight.

This was one of those moments in life where I knew that I needed to be strong for him, I was 39.5 weeks pregnant, feeling horrible and swollen and he wasn’t even at the hospital where I was set to give birth.

Luckily Bug stayed in the oven that night and the next morning I rushed to fetch hubby from the hospital as we had a check up with my gynaecologist at my hospital. On seeing us arrive (we must have both looked exhausted) and after checking me out she said that if I wanted to, we could induce Bug that very evening. I didn’t have to, but given a few of our circumstances we all decided it was the best thing for us. We didn’t ask as many questions as we should have (I just wanted to get my hubby home to rest) and so we actually didn’t really know what to expect.

That evening we arrived in the maternity ward where they told my hubby to go back home and get a good night’s sleep and that they would only be prepping me for the induction. The real start would be in the morning. They gave me a sleeping tablet and hubby went home. One hour later the contractions started.

I was SO drowsy from the sleeping tablet that I didn’t really know what was happening and only vaguely remember telling my hubby to come as they moved me into the delivery room while screaming for an epidural.

Contractions are no joke, I have never been in so much pain my whole life, but the epidural is like liquid gold. After I had the line put in (I didn’t even feel that massive needle) I fell asleep for five glorious hours.

At 7am the nurse woke me up and told me it was time to push. Still groggy from the sleeping tablet we started the real labour process. Bug was slowly descending but got stuck.

I remember my doctor and the nurse looking at each other with a knowing worried look and thinking that I had to overcome this.

They tried to vacuum her out and it kept not working. It still feels surreal thinking about it, you want so badly to force your body to do what it needs to do to help your baby but my body just didn’t want to work. They kept saying “if she doesn’t come out with one more push we need to do an emergency c-section” but with each push they let me keep trying.

IMG_2190Bug eventually popped out at 8:04am and I think we all breathed a massive sigh of relief. She had to be given oxygen but after that I could hold her and she basically hasn’t left my arms since.


My precious, perfect little Bug.


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