My Top 3 Items for the Newborn Stage (and beyond)

IMG_2829I was a typical “A-type” personality before Bug was born – I read and researched about what we would need/ what to do in situations that may arise/ how to survive the first month… trust me, as prepared as you are, nothing fully prepares you for being a “mommy”. Yes, the lack of sleep is rough, learning to breastfeed can be tiring and demoralising, and learning how to do “day-to-day” with a little one takes time, BUT the hardest thing for me was the emotional side of realising that this little person was depending on me for EVERYTHING. Every cry had my heart aching, I felt so attached to her I didn’t want to leave her for anything, not even to eat a meal. I quickly realised that we needed to adjust and find a way that she felt comforted and was with me where possible, but where I could also have my hands free or take her with me in a way that left me feeling secure and comfortable (the stress of taking a newborn out alone for the first time is SO real).

I found three products that I now recommend to every new mom. These products saved my sanity and ensured that my first few months with Bug were cherished and full of happy moments and memories.

  1. The Doona

Oh my goodness if you want to splurge, this is what to splurge on. My hubby said I could buy one item that wasn’t necessary but that I thought would be useful and this was it. The Doona is a carseat and a pram in one (not a conventional travel system). This meant that I could quickly get Bug into the car, drive to wherever we needed to be and then have her out the car within seconds and ready to roll. It’s amazing. Small and nifty, you can push it with one hand and hold a coffee in the other. I also love that it’s not bulky so you never feel like you are taking over a coffee shop or filling up the isle in your grocery store. I could go on and on about it but you honestly need to just use it once and you will totally understand my love for it.


It doesn’t have a basket like a conventional pram, but I haven’t missed that as a feature at all. You can buy clip on bags, shade nets and rain covers separately and it also has an isofix base (which I highly recommend).

Check out their Facebook page for more information on where to find them.


  1. The Ubuntu Baba stage 1 carrier



Bug loved this when she was little and struggling with severe reflux (more about that here). I could pop her in, keep her upright, let her nap snuggled into mommy’s chest and have my hands free to do admin around the house. It has gone on trips to the beach, shopping (freeing you up to push a trolley) and for many walks. With a little practice your baby can even breastfeed in it and no one will even know. It’s made here in SA and from the first time I visited their website I just knew that the heart behind this product was all about helping moms. Their love for baby-wearing is so genuine and they offer all the advice you need to learn how to babywear properly (so important!).

My Ubuntu carrier helped me be a new mom who was not stuck at home going crazy on days when Bug just would not let me put her down. I also think that her living on my chest helped her become the confident and secure little six-month old that she is now. She felt safe, I felt calm and in control and as a team we rocked the newborn stage.


We still use this carrier often and I love how Bug now sits in it taking in the sights as we go for walks or go to the shops. It has a handy little pocket for your cellphone, keys or dummy and a beautiful cover for when Bug falls asleep. Also, it is super breathable (Bug was born in the middle of summer) so you never feel too hot wearing it.


They have a stage 2 carrier for later on and we can’t wait to get it so that Bug can go for walks on daddy’s back (she is a total daddy’s girl).

For more information, you can visit their website here.


  1. The NordicNuss nest

Bug started off her life napping and sleeping on my chest or in her Ubuntu carrier as mentioned above. This was sweet until she reached three months old and got heavy, and this mommy needed a break. Nights were getting rough but she just didn’t sleep out of my arms. We tried so many things that just didn’t work until I discovered this beautiful little nest.


We co-sleep and so for the first night we popped the nest between us on the bed and I cynically put Bug down. She slept so well! The nest has adjustable sides so you can change it according to your baby’s size. This means that no matter how little (or big) they are, they can feel the security of the nest snuggling around them.


Bug loves her little nest, in fact she now sleeps better in there than in my arms. I love that it’s mobile so I can put it in her crib during the day for naps, or we can take it out with us if we need to. The fact that it is gorgeous is just another bonus (who doesn’t love stylish baby items). You can find out more about them here.


I would love to hear what some of your favourite baby items are. Comment below!


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