Our Colic & Reflux Story


I like to think that I had realistic expectations when it came to meeting and caring for our little Bug. I knew that it would be a life change, that there would be challenges and that it would make us tired at times. What I didn’t know was how the moment that she was placed on my chest for the first time that I would feel the most overwhelming urge to protect her from anything that would try to hurt her. My whole heart swallowed her up and my world changed in an instant.

The first two weeks with bug were actually pretty easy. She loved eating and slept really well from the start (newborn cuddles = hours of heart melting moments). We found our rhythm as a family of three and my hubby went back to work leaving a (fairly) confident wife at home to take on her role as mother alone for the first time. That’s when things changed.

Bug started screaming for hours on end during the day. No amount of walking, patting, swinging or rocking helped and it broke my heart. She also started to choke every time that I tried to put her down, arching her back and crying out. I literally couldn’t put her down for a second. Car trips were a nightmare as the angle of the carseat didn’t help and she would be yelling at the top of her lungs before I could even reverse out of our driveway.

Luckily I have an amazing baby clinic and paediatrician who confirmed what I suspected (silent reflux and colic) and helped us find a way to soothe Bug’s pain. It took eight weeks – the longest eight weeks of our life – but we are finally on our way to managing her pain.

I’m not a doctor and every baby is different so if your little one is struggling with colic and reflux always talk to your paediatrician first, but here is what we did that worked for us:

  • IMG_2871I wanted to avoid medications as much as possible as I personally did not see the benefits of putting my two week old on strong medication if there were other options. The medications we did use were Colix drops, gripe water (for hiccups only) and probiotic drops.
  • Chiropractor: when this was suggested my heart dropped as I pictured Bug lying on a table getting pulled in all directions, my fears were so unnecessary! We had the most amazing chiropractor who helped SO much. He taught us a whole bunch of exercises to burp Bug more efficiently, as well as to clear her of built up gas. It’s like magic! I never thought that I would cheer as my baby let out farts but that is now something to celebrate.
  • Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT): I still don’t fully understand what this therapy is but basically it attempts to remove any strain that a baby may have from a stressful birth and realigns them. It’s super gentle and not as weird as it may sound.
  • Using a dummy. This was a lifesaver for us! Bug uses it not only for comfort, but also to work through the pain when her winds are really bad. We love the Nutursutten paci which we got from Gnash Kids. It lightly rests on Bug’s nose giving her the feeling of breastfeeding.

We still have our bad days and sometimes it feels like such a guessing game trying to figure out how to soothe Bug, but we are definitely through the worst of this. I think you can only truly understand just how hectic colic and reflux can be if you go through it yourself. To the mom who is currently there just know that it does get better, your baby will stop screaming and these hectic days will quickly feel like the distant past. Just hang in there and use all the support you can to keep you sane in the meantime!

FullSizeRender (6)

Did your baby struggle with colic and reflux? I would love to hear your story in the comments below!


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