Bug’s Nursery


For me, one of the things that made bug’s pending arrival seem most real was when we started setting up her nursery. I had just spent the better half of 2016 renovating our house from top to bottom and so was itching for a new project. Being Pinterest obsessed only added fuel to the fire and I quickly realised that it’s not easy as walking into a shop to find beautiful baby items. However, once you start exploring, the number of entrepreneurs in South Africa making the most divine baby items blew me away.


Our goal for bug’s nursery was to create a space that felt warm, calm and gender neutral. Her room is small and doesn’t get much sun so we needed a way to warm up the space while also keeping it from feeling too small – our solution: wooden panels on a feature wall. I would have loved to do this with real reclaimed wood but decided to go with the easier (and more affordable) option of laminate flooring on our wall. We then painted the walls a light grey.



I fell in love with the Bambu Eco-Cot and Compactum from Clever Little Monkey long before I was pregnant with Bug so it was one of the first things that we bought for her room. I love the natural look (and smell!) of the bamboo and the fact that there is nothing remotely toxic used to make this furniture.


Jay is a biologist so I wanted to bring in animals somehow – hence our vinyl stickers from Stickaroo. They are easy to put on and also can be removed without damaging the paint when Bug gets older and we decide to change up her room.

The rest of the items came from the following places:

Hooks – Pedersen and Lennard 

Crochet giraffe and rattle – Suzi B Crochet

Star pillow – Panda and Frost

Mountain pillow – Clever Little Monkey

Cot sheet – Zana

Shelves – Olly Polly

Rocking Chair – Esque


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